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San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents are accidents that involve pedestrians. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you have questions about what to do next, who should pay for your medical bills, and whether you can file a claim. Our San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Injury lawyer can help answer those questions.

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    What is a Pedestrian Accident

    These accidents can be a car or truck hitting a pedestrian or even a bicycle or motorcycle hitting a pedestrian. Downtown areas, crowded and full of intersections, stop lights, and crosswalks every block are common places for pedestrian accidents to take place, as are parking lots. Even accidents where cars are driving at speeds slower than five mph can still result in injuries.

    Examples of situations where you, as a pedestrian, may be entitled to compensation include:

    Not every accident in San Antonio involves a car or truck.
    $ 1 5 , 4 4 3

    is the average liability claim for bodily injury in a motor vehicle accident.

    Why You Should Work With an Attorney

    After an accident, you need:

    ● To calculate your bills, expenses, and how much you are entitled to
    ● To negotiate with intimidating insurance companies, and maybe even local courts
    ● To do all of this while keeping up with medical treatment, rehabilitation, and possible car repairs
    ● To act quickly so that your time limits don’t run out

    Given everything that has to happen after your injuries, you should work with an attorney so that they can handle all of that while you focus on getting better.

    If you or a loved one have been injured, reach out to us for a legal consultation to understand what you should do next, what legal path to take, and how much you might be entitled to recover.

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