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In the moments after a car crash, a million thoughts fly through your head. Did you do something wrong? Did the other driver cross the median? What just happened? Few people ever stop to think that defective airbags, brakes, or other car components could be to blame.

While human error is the most common cause of vehicle accidents, defective auto parts play a role in a surprising amount of collisions. If you have been injured in a car crash and you suspect a faulty component may be to blame, call The Law Giant at (866) 523-4167 to discuss your case.

Common Safety Issues and Types of Auto Defects

Any part of a vehicle can malfunction and ultimately cause an accident. However, specific components cause the majority of collisions in Texas and the rest of the United States. Auto defects that may contribute to or directly cause a crash include:

  • Defective tires: Defective tires are an extremely common cause of auto defect crashes. Whether you choose tires from the vehicle manufacturer or a third-party brand, tires are prone to deterioration. Bald or worn tires can lead to severe breakdowns and collisions on the road.
  • Defective auto airbags: Perhaps one of the most dangerous components to defect is the airbag system. Airbags are designed to deploy at the precise moment they are needed, and failure to deploy at the right time can lead to no protection during a collision or cause airbag deployment injuries to victims. Some airbags deploy randomly, which also poses a significant risk to drivers and passengers.
  • Seatbelt issues: Seatbelts are the primary safety tool available to drivers and passengers, and we expect them to protect us. When they fail, however, the consequences can be fatal. If seatbelts cannot sustain a crash’s pressure and become unclipped, passengers can be thrown from the vehicle. Seatbelts that lock during a collision can also keep people from getting out of the car when it is in danger of igniting.
  • Seatback failures: When you have riders in the backseat, they can become injured if your front seats release back in a collision. While you may think this is only a risk in serious accidents, these issues have been reported even in minor rear-end accidents.
  • Electrical malfunctions: These errors are rarely known before an accident. When an electrical component fails, it can lead to a vehicle fire that either causes a crash or worsens the existing crash.
  • Defective brakes: The worst time to realize your brakes are failing is when you need them the most. Unfortunately, for many people, that is the exact moment they realize their brakes have failed. When this occurs, serious crashes often follow.
  • Faulty steering mechanisms: A failure of the steering system can be as disastrous as a brake failure. Again, these issues often present without any warning and lead to severe or fatal collisions.

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Auto Recalls in Texas

Many people believe that keeping up with vehicle recalls ensures that they won’t fall victim to a faulty car part. Unfortunately, vehicle components often aren’t recalled until they have already left a number of victims in their wake. On top of that, car recall notifications don’t always reach everyone they should. While manufacturers do their best to keep customers up-to-date on current recalls, they may not have all customers’ updated addresses or contact information. As a result, people often don’t know about car recalls until they go in for routine or emergency maintenance.

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Why You Need an Attorney for an Auto Defect Claim

If you have been injured due to a defective auto part, you might wonder why you need an attorney. It’s simple: vehicle manufacturers have a massive amount of money put into protecting themselves from lawsuits and large payouts. If your injury is indeed the result of their error, they will do everything they can to avoid paying what you deserve. They do this to limit your payout and limit payout to other customers with the same issues.

Furthermore, there are numerous laws and legal concepts at play in a defective auto part claim. If you file a claim under strict liability, you may have to prove that the auto part was defective and caused your injuries. This is significantly different from a standard negligence claim. You may also claim a breach of express or implied warranty, which indicates that the defective component violated your car warranty. To add even more on top of that, you may not be the first victim of the component that failed you. There may be a class-action lawsuit that you must join to seek compensation.

The team at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers knows how tragic and traumatic a severe car crash can be. We understand how it can be even more upsetting to realize that the vehicle manufacturer could have prevented your injuries with a simple fix. We know how hard manufacturers fight these lawsuits and the tricks they’ll use to deny you a fair payout.

Our goal is simple – we want you to get the compensation you deserve. Building a strong case that ties your injuries to the dysfunctional car part will push the liable party to give you what you deserve.

A significant part of any auto defect case is proving the severity of your injuries. After we demonstrate the appropriate party’s liability, we can get to work showing the extent of the damage they caused. We’ll fight for compensation in a variety of areas, including:

We have extensive experience in personal injury cases, and we will fight to get you every single penny you are owed.