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Playground Safety in Texas

Now that the spring is here, children can be found on playgrounds more frequently. While these attractions can be enjoyable for children, they can also be dangerous if certain safety precautions are disregarded.

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Most Common Causes of Playground Accidents

Playground injuries occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Inadequate supervision of children. Parents or other adults should always keep a close eye on children while they enjoy a playground. This is particularly true if the kids are young.
  • Poor maintenance of playground equipment. The key to playground safety is regular maintenance of equipment. Slippery surfaces, sharp edges, and faulty parts can all pose serious risks for children.
  • Improper design of playgrounds. It’s vital for attractions to be designed in a way that keeps children safe. Proper surfacing must be used, and age-appropriate equipment needs to be built.

How to Keep Your Child Safe on Texas Playgrounds

Fortunately, several strategies can help you keep your son and/or daughter safe as they spend time on a playground. We recommend the following tips:

Make sure your child is supervised.
Refrain from dropping your son or daughter off at a playground and allowing them to play unsupervised. Your child should only be on a playground if you are there, or they are being watched by a teacher, babysitter, nanny, or another adult you trust.

Inspect equipment.
Unfortunately, not all playground equipment is safe. Therefore, it’s a good idea to inspect it before you allow your child to play on it. Look for broken or damaged parts, missing or loose guardrails, parts with very sharp edges, rusty equipment, and dangerous equipment like trampolines without safety nets and glider swings. If you notice any of these dangers, find a new playground for your child to enjoy.

Find an age-appropriate place to play.
Not all playgrounds are the same. While some are designed for toddlers, others are for older children in elementary school. If your son or daughter is young, take them to a playground with smaller steps, shorter slides, and ramps with grips, rather than one with monkey bars and swinging ropes.

What About Liability?

The first step to determining liability in a playground accident is figuring out who owns the attraction. If the playground is at a school, the school district is likely the owner. The county or city may own a playground at a local park.

Private schools and day care facilities may also have playgrounds, which are typically owned by a local non-profit. If the playground was poorly maintained or your child was taken there during school without supervision, one of these parties may be at fault.

However, if your child’s injury was the result of a design issue, it’s essential to identify who built the playground. In most cases, construction companies who sub out various parts of the design process are responsible for poor design. A premises liability lawyer can help you hold the correct party accountable for your child’s playground injury.

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You bring your child to the playground to have a good time. However, when they injure themselves as a result of someone else’s negligence, you have every right to seek legal representation. Reach out to Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers to find out whether your child’s injury warrants a premises liability claim in which you may be able to recover compensation for their damages.

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