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Limiting Personal Injury Damages Ruled Unconstitutional

Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that 23 O.S § 61.2 was unconstitutional. This is after a long court battle with a man named Todd Beason. Beason was working on an oil rig in Texas when an employee from another company improperly set up a crane, that caused it to fall and crush Beason. This life-threatening injury caused Todd Besson to go through two amputations. The accident tore the nerves that connect his left shoulder and hands to his spine. Beason could never work again. He was permanently disabled. So, he sought help from a lawyer to help him launch his lawsuit.

After a long battle in court, an Oklahoma jury awarded Beason’s family $15 million. Unfortunately, $6 million of that verdict went to non-economic damages. This was for Beason and his family’s pain and suffering. In Oklahoma, the cap on noneconomic damages is only $350,000. Due to this glitch, the Beason’s took their case to the supreme court. Today, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the law capping noneconomic damages was unconstitutional. The court said, “The failing of the statute is that it purports to limit recovery for pain and suffering in cases where the plaintiff survives the injury-causing event, while persons who die from the injury-causing event face no such limitation.” The court agreed that the two groups were similar and should be treated the same.

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