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Fiat Chrysler May Owe You Money.

July 26, 2019   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group
Chrysler World Headquarters

The automaker Fiat Chrysler settled a class-action lawsuit back in April for the amount of $110 million. According to court records, the lawsuit alleged that the company tried to mislead buyers and investors about the amount of pollution their diesel vehicles emitted. On top of this, their company failed to follow federal safety regulations. Fiat Chrysler maintains their innocence and denied any wrongdoing. In a statement made by the company, their settlement was completely covered by their insurance

The Case

Investors claim that Fiat Chrysler misled them by under-reporting its reserves for the cost of a recall and lied about being in compliance with safety regulations. The Lawsuit was filed in 2015 and the company finally settled this year in April. Apparently, in order to get away with is alleged under-reporting for pollution, the company tampered with software to show their vehicles were being as efficient as promised. If you own or owned a Ram or Jeep vehicle with the “EchoDiesel” technology within the model years of 2014-2016, you may be eligible for compensation up to $3075.00. To see if you qualify, you can visit the settlement’s website, here.

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