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Fatal Car Accident Statistics in Texas

January 30, 2020   |   Posted by: Begum Law Group

Tens of millions of Texas residents and visitors from out of state travel on roadways in Texas every day. Unfortunately, there are thousands of collisions that result in serious harm or even death to the victims involved. The Texas Department of Transportation has kept detailed records of fatal traffic accidents over the years. They report that there are hundreds of roadway deaths every month in our state, and there has not been a deathless day on record.

It’s important that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyer if you or a loved one have suffered through a terrible wreck. Many traffic injuries are life-altering or prove to be fatal. You have the right to seek compensation if you have been hurt through no fault of your own.

Contact The Law Giant at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers to speak with one of our fatal car accident lawyers. We understand how difficult your life can be if a loved one was lost in a traffic accident. It’s important that you protect your right to recover compensation for yourself and your family. Call our office today at (866) 523-4167.

Texas Has A High Rate Of Fatal Traffic Accidents

Official state records show that there were approximately 1.29 traffic fatalities in Texas per every hundred million vehicle miles traveled in 2018. This number can be difficult to put into context, but it places our state with the 16th highest death rate in the country. The national average in the U.S. during the same year was 1.13 deaths per million miles traveled. However, with 3,642 road fatalities, Texas had more traffic deaths than any other state in 2018. Some of the most noteworthy fatal accident statistics from 2018 include:

  • 418 motorcyclists killed – This includes both bike operators as well as passengers. About 49% of these fatalities were people who did not have a helmet at the time of their accident.
  • 621 pedestrians were killed – These victims were hit by vehicles, and this figure represents a slight increase from years prior.
  • 940 killed where at least one driver was intoxicated – These accidents include both intoxicated drivers, sober drivers, and passengers. About one in four traffic deaths in Texas is caused by a drunk driver.
  • 1,289 single vehicle run-off deaths – This includes drivers or passengers killed when their car drove off the road. These accidents are responsible for over one third of all traffic fatalities.

Statistics Show The Most Deadly Scenarios For Drivers

You can suddenly be caught off guard and hit by a negligent driver at almost any time. Many fatal or serious car accidents happen on small neighborhood streets or rural roads. Our local roads are constantly being used by drivers who are distracted or intoxicated while behind the wheel.

Furthermore, many vehicles malfunction with little to no warning, and serious wrecks will often be the result. Statistics kept by state officials do show us certain patterns when it comes to fatal accidents. Some of the deadliest times and places for drivers in Texas are the following:

  • Between 2 and 3 a.m. – This hour is the most common time for fatal DUI wrecks. Many bars and restaurants close at 2 a.m. and therefore intoxicated drivers will often take to the roads at this time.
  • During the holidays – The deadliest day on Texas roads is often in November on the Friday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The deadliest month is often July as many people travel and consume alcohol while on summer vacation or celebrating Independence Day.
  • At intersections – In 2018 there were 701 people killed in accidents at intersections. This accounts for over one fifth of all traffic deaths.
  • On rural roads – About 55% of deadly traffic accidents happen in rural areas. This includes many head on collisions on two lane roads as well as single vehicles that lose control and crash.

Recovering Compensation After A Loved One Is Killed In A Traffic Accident

Texas law allows for wrongful death claims to be filed by those who lose a loved one due to the negligence or reckless actions of another person. While we understand that nothing can bring your loved one back, we also know how challenging finances can be after suddenly losing someone.

Wrongful death claims are meant to provide compensation to the survivors of a fatal car accident. This is not meant to be something that is available to just anyone. You must have been a parent, spouse, or child of the deceased. Furthermore, you may be able to make a wrongful death claim if you represent the estate of someone killed in a traffic accident.

Securing damages in a wrongful death suit requires for your lawyer to build a strong case. In addition to proving that the other party is responsible, it must also be shown how your life has been affected by a loved one’s passing. You can recover compensation for the following in a wrongful death action:

  • Lost earning capacity by the deceased
  • Lost future inheritance
  • Loss of companionship, counsel, or support
  • Mental and emotional pain your have suffered
  • Loss of comfort and society
  • Funeral costs
  • Damages sustained by the deceased after their accident but before their death

The Law Giant Can Help You

It’s important to consult with a skilled car accident attorney if a loved one was killed or badly injured in a wreck. We understand how devastating these accidents can be for all who are involved. Your life may be completely turned upside down, and the other parties involved may not be cooperating or offering fair compensation for your family.

Our legal team has years of experience investigating wrecks and negotiating on behalf of our clients. We know that nothing can bring things back to how they once were. However, you have the right to pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Contact Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers to speak with a knowledgeable Texas car accident lawyer. We can help you understand your options, and we can make sure that your rights are protected through the entire legal process. Call our office today at (866) 523-4167.

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