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Defective Truck Parts Can Cause Serious Accidents

When we think of the causes of truck accidents, human error and activities like speeding and distracted driving often come to mind. Many crashes, after all, are caused by fatigued motorists, or those who are looking at their phones. While these are common causes of truck accidents, so are defective truck parts.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in a truck accident that was the result of a faulty piece of a truck, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Texas product liability lawyer at The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers. We can help you determine liability and ensure your rights remain protected should you decide to pursue a case. To schedule a free consultation of your case with The Law Giant, call (866) 523-4167 today, or reach out through the online form.

What is a Defective Truck Part?

Defective truck parts aren’t necessarily broken. It could feature a design flaw that could prevent it from functioning properly. Some of the most common types of defective truck parts that often cause serious accidents and injuries include:

  • Faulty tires have the potential to cause a blowout, which is the sudden loss of air pressure.
  • Defective beds or straps can lead cargo to spill out onto the road.
  • Malfunctioning brakes might prevent truckers from avoiding a crash with vehicles in front of them.
  • Defective wheels can fall off or cause the trucker to lose control.
  • Faulty headlights might lead to visibility issues for a trucker and other drivers.
  • Malfunctioning rear underride guards are located on the rear of the truck and designed to prevent cars from sliding under them in a rear-end crash. When they are malfunctioning, a serious accident will likely arise.
  • Flawed windshield wipers can be particularly dangerous if a trucker is driving during heavy rain or snowstorm. It can cause diminished visibility, and increase the risk of a crash.

Types of Defects

Three types of defects can be found on a truck part: design, manufacturing, and lack of warning. These can significantly increase the risk of a truck-related collision.

  • Design Defect – This refers to the final design of the part that is hazardous. The manufacturer should’ve ensured the part was designed with optimal safety.
  • Manufacturing Defect – When a part has a manufacturing defect, it was not built according to its specifications. While this can affect one part of a truck, it often impacts many pieces that affect the vehicle’s operation.
  • Lack of Warning Defect – Even when they are used properly, some truck parts are inherently dangerous. It is the responsibility of the business to provide proper warnings that outline how to use certain parts safely.

Who is Liable for Truck Defects?

If you’ve sustained an injury in a crash caused by a defective truck part, it’s imperative to seek legal representation. A skilled product liability lawyer can help you figure out who is liable for the defective part and file a claim on your behalf. Although the truck driver may be responsible, it is likely the designer, manufacturer, or seller’s fault that the defective part made it to the final product. The motor carrier or maintenance provider may contribute responsibility to the defect as well.

Contact The Law Giant for Help

At The Law Giant, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers, we have years of experience representing victims of defective truck part accidents and may be able to help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. If you’ve been hurt in a crash caused by defective truck part, contact a personal injury lawyer at our firm as soon as possible.

We are well-versed in product liability laws and can inform you of your legal options. Call us at (866) 523-4167 today, or reach out through the online form to get started on your case.

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