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Common Causes of Fatal Workplace Injuries in Texas

We go to work to fulfill our professional goals and provide for ourselves and our family. Sometimes, however, a work environment can be dangerous and take the lives of innocent workers. Below, we’ll discuss the most common causes of fatal workplace injuries in Texas.

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Why Do Fatal Workplace Injuries in Texas Happen?

There are a variety of reasons on-the-job fatalities arise in Texas. Some of the most common causes of these incidents include:

Vehicle-Related Crashes
In some work environments, vehicles such as large trucks and tractors are used and may be very hazardous. An employee may lose their life after getting hit by or falling from a moving vehicle or even getting stuck underneath one. Vehicle-related incidents are widely seen in the manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Machinery and Equipment
Many workplaces depend on heavy machinery and equipment to complete their daily tasks and keep operations running smoothly. Faulty machinery and equipment, as well as poor training or a lack of experience, can lead to on-the-job fatalities. It’s essential for all machinery and equipment to be inspected regularly, and for all employees who use it to be properly trained.

Exposure to Harmful Substances
Any work environment can expose employees to harmful substances over time. Even if you work in an office setting, long-term exposure to cleaning products, paint, or other harmful substances can lead to cancer or even death. Asbestos, mercury, and toxic exhaust are a few examples of the most harmful substances seen in some work settings.

Violence and Assault
Although there are regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, violence and assault continue to be a problem in several workplaces in Texas. Co-workers, bosses, clients or customers, or even random strangers can all be responsible for violence and assault that cause workplace fatalities.

Getting Struck by an Object
Objects that are flying, falling, swinging, or rolling can hurt an employee and in the most serious cases, take their life. Wearing safety glasses while using power tools, securing tools and materials to screens and debris nets, wearing hard hats at construction sites, and steering clear of vehicles and heavy equipment that are being used can help prevent fatalities caused by objects.

Fires and Explosions
If combustible materials, damaged gas lines, and open flames are not stored properly, fires and explosions may occur at work. These can expose employees to toxic substances and/or cause flying objects to hit them. While fires and explosions often cause damage to the respiratory system as well as serious burns, they may also be responsible for workplace deaths.

Falls from high heights can lead to workplace fatalities. They are particularly common in settings where employees work on ladders, roofs, scaffolds, and construction areas. These employees must undergo proper training and ensure that their ladder, roof, or scaffold is in excellent shape before using it.

Contact a TX Work Injury Lawyer for Help

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