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Car Accidents and Post-Traumatic Stress

Often, we associate PTSD with extreme events. However, PTSD is more common than most people think. It’s not something exclusive to victims of war or unthinkable events. A person can suffer from PTSD almost anywhere. It can occur whenever someone experiences a traumatic event, especially if the person felt as though they were in danger. While we use to think this was exclusive to soldiers, medical research has proven one can suffer from this horrible affliction, even in civilian life. Something like a car accident could cause someone to suffer from PTSD. This can last long after a person’s physical wounds have healed. This disorder causes people to suffer tremendous amounts of pain and anxiety, making everyday life difficult or even impossible to navigate.

What Does PTSD Look Like?

When a medical professional is determining if a patient is suffering from PTSD, they look for some common characteristics, that have lasted for longer than a month. Often, re-experiencing the even is a clear sign of PTSD. Things like flashbacks of reliving the trauma, frightening thoughts, and bad dreams are common examples of this. Victims might also avoid certain places or experiences that they associate with their traumatic event. On top of this, victims might be reactive and prone to outbursts, sleeplessness, or startle easily. There are many other symptoms of PTSD, but one should see a medical professional if they suspect they are suffering from this disorder.

Often, PTSD can develop as a result of something like a car accident. If this is the case, who is responsible? Most of the time, its the negligent party. Anyone form a car manufacturer to another driver could be responsible for the damages a victim suffers, and this includes PTSD. Depending on the incident, a victim could recover, punitive, general, and economic damages from the negligent party.

Do You Need Help?

If you or a family member are suffering from PTSD as a result of a car accident, you shouldn’t take on the insurance companies alone. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights, and help you get the compensation you deserve. A car accident lawyer will be able to represent you, while you focus on recovering. Consult a Texas personal injury lawyer from Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers.

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