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Beauty Face Mask Leaves 13-Year-Olds Face Burning

“Yes to,” a skincare brand has issued a recall for its grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Unicorn Paper mask after reports of the product causing burns. A 13-year-old girl who used the mask reported to CBS News that the mask left her face “bright red.” After using the mask, the daughter of Dami Ownby claims her skin stung and was extremely irritated. Her skin was so inflamed that the mother and daughter worried the mask would have lasting effects.

The brand Yes to claims they avoid using any harmful chemicals, and that the mask is “95% natural ingredients.” While we normally associate “natural ingredients” with being safe, that isn’t always the case. This particular mask had very high concentrations of ingredients like citric acid. While not technically harmful in small amounts, citric acid can greatly irritate the skin. This is especially true when applied in a face mask filled with essential oils. The facemask helps the oils and acid penetrate the skin, causing more irritation than one would normally experience.

On the package, the company claims that one should feel “tingling” after the mask is applied. However, dermatologists say this is misleading. Dermatologists recommend that if a user does experience high amounts of “tingling” they should remove the mask immediately. After removing, you should apply soothing ingredients such as castor bean oil and glycerin. Its also advised keeping damaged skin out of the sun. Many of these compounds used in face masks are photoallergic. This could cause your skin to be irritated more by the sun.

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