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American Airlines Asks Judge to Throw Out Case

The Texas-based airline, American Airlines, is being sued by a Pennsylvanian couple. According to Faina Pesenson, the plaintiff, an American Airlines employee tripped and fell on her. The suit explains that the employee Asia Campbell, walked the jet bridge in such a manner so as to cause herself to trip and fall into Faina’s body. The couple claims this fall caused serious injuries and damages. They are asking for over $100,000. The case was originally filed under the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, but American Airlines filed the same day to have the case removed to the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court.

They also motioned to dismiss the case. Their argument for dismissal was this. “Plaintiffs’ complaint inappropriately asserts state law claims that cannot survive because state law claims are preempted by the Montreal Convention.” The Montreal Convention formally called the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air is a treaty signed by the U.S and several other nations to agree on compensations for victims of air disasters. However, since the alleged fall happens in the jet bridge, and not the air, it’s difficult to say where this case will go.

Affected by A Companies Negligence?

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