Skillful Representation In Complex South Texas Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling is one of the most common ways to injure yourself in the United States. Unfortunately, many people do not seek the financial help they are entitled to.

The Brownsville and San Antonio accident attorneys of The Begum Law Group take all accidents seriously — especially slip and falls. If you have been injured by a slip-and-fall accident, we will fight to ensure that the negligent parties are held accountable. If your fall was the result of someone else's negligence, you deserve compensation. To get that compensation, you will need a seasoned lawyer by your side. We are a Texas-wide law firm with offices in San Antonio and Brownsville, Texas.

Slip And Falls Are More Common Than You Think

Although common, slip and falls are not accidents that should be ignored. Here are some facts about slip and falls in America:

  • One million people per year are injured, and nearly 17,000 die
  • Most common cause of injury to the brain
  • Over 2 million emergency room visits per year
  • Cost over $30 billion per year
  • Two-thirds of injuries are sustained by adults over 65 years old
  • Second leading accident after automobile accidents

One of the reasons why slip-and-fall accidents are so common is because they can happen anywhere — public walkways, the workplace, private property and even nursing homes are not immune from these costly accidents. These types of accidents can cause fractures of the hip, spinal cord trauma, arm and hand fractures, permanent damage to the knees and brain injury. Because of medical bills, lost wages, reduced ability to earn wages and the potential need for long-term medical care, a "simple" slip and fall can become a costly accident.

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The lawyers at The Begum Law Group are experienced with slip-and-fall accidents in the San Antonio region and have the resources and knowledge to win a settlement on your behalf. We fight for the rights of our clients and believe in holding all negligent parties accountable. We believe that you should be compensated for your damages so that you can go on with your life.

A slip and fall can be caused by many variables. It could be due to a floor that is slippery or a walkway that has been improperly maintained. Regardless of the cause, if you or a loved one fell and was injured, you should call us at 956-267-5580. We can review what happened and consult with you on how best to proceed. We want to help you get your life back, and we love doing it. Contact us today for a free consultation.