Talk To An Attorney If You Were Injured By A Drunk Driver

When someone is injured by a drunk driver, it is the result of one person's bad decision. That day, a single Texas driver decided that it would be okay for them to drink then drive, and that action has affected an innocent victim.

While the driver will be prosecuted by the state for breaking the law, this often does not result in compensation to San Antonio victims. Therefore, a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit is necessary to ensure just compensation.

Even if the driver has been incarcerated, seeking legal help is recommended. Accidents as a result of drunk driving are usually covered by a driver's insurance. It is the victim's responsibility however, to request compensation for their injuries. A drunk driving accident lawyer is able to do that on the victim's behalf. The attorneys of The Begum Law Group represent those who have been injured by Texas drunk driving accidents. We will pursue the compensation you deserve.

Compensation Can Help

While we realize that there isn't a monetary value that can be attached to good health or even life itself, we also know that death and injuries can be very costly. In addition to any medical or funeral costs, there is also the social expense of lost wages and pain and suffering. Compensation for these things will not replace what was lost, but it can help the victim or survivors recover.

As experienced legal representation for Texas drunk driving accidents, we are also very familiar with qualified local medical professionals. While we work to get you the compensation you deserve, we can also refer you to the medical care you need.

For accidents that result in a fatality, The Begum Law Group offers compassionate representation to your family while pursuing a wrongful death claim on behalf of the victim.

While a DUI charge is a criminal charge that focuses on prosecuting the driver, we work to help the victims. Contact us today at 956-267-5580 for a free consultation and evaluation of your DUI wrongful death or personal injury claim.