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The ATV industry has a history of causing serious accidents. In fact, in the mid-1980s, production of three-wheeler ATVs ended due to injuries and fatalities from rollovers. All-terrain vehicles are now designed with four wheels, making them more stable. Their increased appeal, speed and power however have made the risk of having a rollover accident still significant.

ATV rollover accidents are extremely dangerous and can easily cause death. Especially with younger, inexperienced drivers, there is a risk of injury while driving one. Drivers have been crushed under the vehicle after having it roll over. Other victims have been ejected from the ATV and injured on the fall. An ATV accident can easily cause fractures and crushed bones, spinal cord trauma or even brain injury and coma. Death from an ATV accident is also common. Many people in the San Antonio and Brownsville areas are hurt each year from an ATV accident.

The Impact Of An Accident

The effects of an ATV accident are often more than initially realized. The time spent in recovery, loss earnings and emotional stress are in addition to the actual accident. The Begum Law Group will help family cope through this time period, while pursuing any compensation from any of the accountable parties. We will investigate and determine if defects in the all-terrain vehicle may have led to the accident. We will pursue compensation for any manufacturer negligence.

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