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$5M Awarded to Teen for Brain Injury

An 18-year-old soccer player suffered a traumatic brain injury at his high school’s game day. The school hired a party company that brought a ton of games for the high schoolers to play for that day. One of those games was Bubble Soccer. The players get in a giant “bubble suit” that covers past their head and just below the waist. Students were encouraged to run around, bump into each other, and have fun. That’s exactly what Salvador Reye’s did. He was doing exactly what the party company, Georgia Game Truck, encouraged students to do. Run into each other. The company offered no safety instructions to the plays. They just let the kids run loose. It was implied that you couldn’t get seriously hurt. The bubble was meant to protect the player. So, when Reye’s ran into some friends, he expected to be fine.

That’s not what happened. Reyes fell and fractured his skull. This would change his life forever, and the jury recognized this. Luckily, Reyes was not permanently physically disabled. However, the injury did affect his happiness. He no longer got the joy out of life that he use to. After countless testimony from witnesses, claiming the party company did not warn any of the players of any safety rules, the jury made their decision. For his pain and suffering caused by his brain injury, Reyes was awarded just under $5 million dollars.

Affected by A Companies Negligence?

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