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10 Of The Most Dangerous Toys of 2019

If you’re like most parents, you’re probably looking for some great toys to get your kids this holiday season. However, the one thing we don’t think about is the dangers a toy may present to our children. Most parents assume that all toys are safe for their children. If they weren’t, why would massive retailers sell them? Well, that’s unfortunately not always the case. Innocent looking toys might prove to be deadly for children just trying to have fun playing with a new toy. To help avoid any accidents this holiday, we’ll be reviewing some of the most dangerous toys to avoid, according to World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.) W.A.T.C.H is a non-profit group that looks out and advocates for child safety and helps parents avoid possibly hazardous products.

1. VIGA Pull Along Caterpillar

Price: $20.54
Warnings on Product: None
Recommended age: 18 months
Hazard: Strangulation and entanglement.
While most toys are required to have strings less than 12 inches in length, there is a loophole for “pull toys.” This particular product comes with a string close to 24 inches and presents potential danger for children who might get entangled in the long string and might be strangulated.

2. Power Ranger Electronic Cheetah Claw

Warning: “CAUTION: Do not hit or swing at people or animals. Use away from breakable objects”, and small parts warning
Recommended age: 5+
Hazard: Eye and face injuries
This glove-like toy is made of hard and rigid plastic. In advertisements, children are told to take on the “strength of the Cheetah claw” and its made to “take on” their “enemies.” The warning says to not hit or swing at people with this toy, but a child can easily get lost in their imagination and seriously injure themselves or a friend with this product.

3. Pogo Trick Board

Warning: “WARNING: Be safe. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear”, and other instructions/cautions (package only).
Recommended age: 6+
Hazard: Potential head and impact injuries.
While this product’s warning says to use protective gear, a child on the packaging is seen using no protection what-so-ever, and other children on the packaging are only wearing helmets. Children might be under the impression that this product is safe to use without any protective gear, or safe to use with only a helmet. This could lead to a serious head injury or other impact injuries.

4.Diecast School Bus

Warning: “WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years” (removable sticker only).
Recommended age: 3+
Hazard: Potential Chocking injuries.
This miniature school bus has small plastic wheels that can be easily removed and could present a serious cocking hazard for children.

5. Anstoy Electronic Toy Gun

Warning: “When playing, please wear Goggles. Do not shoot people or animals at close range. Do not shoot fragile targets….” (box only).
Recommended age: 14+
Hazard Realistic Toy Weapon
Detailed replicas of real guns being sold as toys present a very real danger. Numerous deaths have been caused by products like these. With no orange tip, they can easily be mistaken for a lethal weapon. Products such as these have no business being marketed to children. Toy companies get away with this thanks to weak regulations that inadequately address this situation.

6. Nickelodeon Frozen Treats Slime

Price: $9.99
Warning: “WARNING: THIS SET CONTAINS CHEMICALS THAT MAY BE HARMFUL IF MISUSED. Read carton or individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision”; “NOT REAL FOOD-DO NOT EAT (package), and other cautions/warnings inside the box.
Recommended age: 6+
Hazard: Dangerous chemicals, that could cause irritation injuries.
While there is a warning that this is not real food, a child could still easily ingest this product. Ingestion of this could cause serious harm and discomfort to a child.


Warning: none
Recommended age: 24 months and up
Hazard: Potential for ingestion/Aspiration injuries.
This stuffed toy has long fiber-like hair that has the potential to be easily ripped out. Pulling on the hair with little effort could remove it from the toy. This presents a clear danger for chocking and offers no warning on the product.

8.Bunchems Bunch’n Build

Warning: “CAUTION: Keep away from hair. May become entangled. Keep away from pets”; “WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years”; and other warnings/cautions on package and package inserts.
Recommended age: 4+
Hazard: Possibility of hair entanglement and chocking.
This product comes with multi-colored balls that were made to stick together when children play, and try to build with them. Toys such as these often get entangled in a child’s hair. The manufacturer does include a large warning, cautioning the user to keep away from hair and pets.

9.Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Price: $17.99
Warning: none
Recommended age: 18+ months
Hazard: Potential for Ingestion and Choking Injuries.
This plastic hedgehog comes with 12 removable plastic “quills” that are about three and a half inches long. These pieces of rigid plastic could easily obstruct a child’s airway if placed in their mouth.

10. Nerf Ultra One

Warning: “CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face. TO AVOID INJURY: Use only with official NERF darts….”, and other cautions/warnings.
Recommended age: 8+
Hazard: Potential for ingestion and battery-related injuries.
This dart “blaster” has the power to blast its ammunition up to 120ft, according to the packaging. This product has enough power to throw its darts hard enough to potentially cause eye injuries. This motorized toy gun warns to use without “nerf battle goggles” which does not come with the toy.

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