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People must take due care to keep us safe when we visit their property. If they fail to take reasonable safety steps, we can be severely injured. In a premises liability cases, Texas law allows you to pursue damages if you were harmed due to negligence. This revolves around determining if the other person took necessary action to protect you from harm and how your injuries impacted your life. Texas law can be complex, and property owners will try to avoid responsibility. Having an experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer will greatly improve your chances of recovering the damages that you need.

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What is Premises Liability?

Under the law, people must take care to not cause others physical harm by engaging in careless or dangerous actions. If this responsibility is neglected and you suffer harm, you can seek damages from the at-fault party. In premises liability cases, owners or occupiers of a property must take reasonable steps to keep their guests safe. Occupiers means those who use a property they do not own, such as a retail company renting a storefront. The law expects for owners and occupiers to take common steps to keep their guests from unnecessary danger.

A successful premises liability case requires determining exactly what happened to cause your harm. Going further, one must present a strong case that the other party was negligent and careless. There are many different ways that an owner or occupier could have failed to take reasonable measures to keep you safe.

To secure damages in your premises liability case, you must establish:

  • You were legally present on the property of another.
  • Something on that property posed a danger to your safety.
  • The danger caused your injury by presenting medical bills, lost time from work, etc.
  • The owner or occupier failed to take reasonable action to prevent the danger, or didn’t clearly notify you of the danger.
Each year, over 8 million ER visits are due to slips, trips, and falls.
$ 4 b i l l i o n

is awarded to compensate premises liability injury victims every year according to the DOJ.

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Types of Premises Liability Accidents We Handle

There are countless ways you can be hurt on someone else’s property. Many people only consider situations that involve significant physical activity such as boating or playing sports. The reality is that you can be seriously hurt when you least expect it. A property owner or occupier can be required to pay damages if they failed to take common-sense steps that could have kept you safe from harm.

Premises liability cases often occur due to:

  • Restaurant or bar accidents – Owners and employees have to protect patrons from other guests and dangerous facilities. Cutting corners to save on costs often results in a dangerous environment.
  • Hotels – Operators must make sure that their hotels are clean and offer necessary safety features for guests.
  • Amusement Parks – People are often hurt on poorly maintained or designed rides or attractions.
  • Swimming pool accidents – Pools must be cleaned and monitored according to local and state laws. Common accidents include broken bones and even drowning.
  • Workplace injuries No matter the industry, reasonable steps must be made to keep you safe from injury. People in San Antonio are hurt every day while on the job.
  • Recreational accidents – People throughout southern Texas constantly engage in activities like hunting, hiking, or using all-terrain vehicles. Serious accidents can result if hosts do not take reasonable safety measures.
  • Animal bites – Animals must be kept in a manner that prevents them from needlessly posing a risk to others. Dog bites are unfortunately very common in San Antonio.

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How Common are Premises Liability Accidents In San Antonio?

People are frequently injured while visiting other people’s property throughout Bexar County. When this happens, it’s important to determine if a negligent property owner or occupier failed to keep their guests safe. Many people in the San Antonio area visit places for recreation, shopping, or dining. Property owners must understand the risks posed to their guests. Sometimes the nature or characteristics of a public venue can increase the likelihood of accidents. However, premises injury cases stem from owners failing to protect guests from this exposure, or against other violent and malicious visitors.

You can, unfortunately, find yourself in danger in many different locations throughout San Antonio. Specific locations of dangerous incidents in our area have recently included:

  • A nightclub on Austin Highway – Two patrons were attacked and shot by a nightclub guest near the intersection of Austin Hwy and Vandiver Rd in San Antonio. Nightclub security staff were able to detain the shooter only after he injured two victims.
  • SeaWorld San Antonio – Dangerous water slides have recently sent numerous people to the hospital with damaged bones and joints.
  • A car part factory – An explosion recently occurred at a supplier facility near the Toyota plant off Applewhite Rd in San Antonio. The explosion was caused by a machine that was not properly cleaned or maintained.
  • Kiddie Park on Broadway St – This San Antonio children’s amusement park has seen numerous guests injured due to unsafe activities and games for guests.
  • Schlitterbahn Water Park – The New Braunfels park has had many injured guests who sustained hard collisions while on water slides.

Common Injuries In Premises Liability Accidents

There are various dangers on properties that have not been kept safe. You can be injured by objects, animals, and other people. Our premises liability lawyers have decades of experience helping people recover from their injuries. We have seen virtually every type of accident, from slip and falls to dog bites, and other instances where innocent people suffered physical harm. You might be in a situation where extensive medical attention is needed. Some injuries are complex, and require the attention of numerous different doctors and caretakers. Do not take your injuries lightly. It’s also important to understand that some physical harm may not become apparent until days or even weeks after your accident.

Some of the most common premises liability injuries include:

  • Head, neck, or spinal injuries
  • Damaged joints
  • Torn ligaments and muscle strains or sprains
  • Infections or foodborne illnesses
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Serious cuts, puncture wounds, or lacerations
  • Drowning or chlorine burns
  • Burns or electrocution

Potential Damages in Premises Liability Accidents

While every premises liability accident is different, victims often experience significant medical costs and are forced to endure long absences from work. In some serious situations, injury victims may be unable to return to their normal careers. This burden should not rest on your shoulders if your injury was caused by a property owner’s negligence. By working with an experienced San Antonio premises liability attorney, we will work with your doctors, document your time missed from work, and strive to recover everything you deserve under the law.

We can help you recover damages for things like:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical and therapy needs
  • Lost wages due to your accident
  • Lost future earning potential
  • Necessary modifications to your home or vehicle
  • Training for new employment

What to do if You Have Been Hurt On Someone Else’s Property

Premises liability accidents in San Antonio happen every day. Being hurt suddenly can be confusing, and at first, you may not know what happened. We encourage anyone in this position to immediately seek a safe place. After finding relative safety, call 911 if your injuries are severe, or if you feel as though violent attack or harm is still imminent.

The order in which you should take the following steps may vary based on your situation. However, some of the most important things you can do after getting to safety include:

  • Contact a premises liability attorney – An experienced attorney can help you through every step of seeking compensation for your recovery. We have seen many of these cases, and know how stressful they can be.
  • Make sure to report your injury to the property owner or occupier – Inform the property owner of the accident, and get their contact information. It may be challenging to identify this person or company.
  • Write down notes of your accident – A written record of the accident will help keep your memory fresh. Listing possible witnesses can also be very helpful for your lawyer.
  • Take photos – Be sure to photograph your injuries and the scene of the accident if possible.
  • Follow through with your doctor – This can help your recovery proceed as well as possible. Furthermore, it shows the court that your injuries are genuine.

Being badly hurt in an accident on someone else’s property can be devastating. You may be uncertain about how you will get back to life as normal. A property owner or occupier may owe you compensation if they failed to take reasonable steps to protect you from harm. This applies to all accidents, even when engaging in intense physical activity at someone else’s property or business. Texas statute of limitations law requires that you file a suit for your injury within two years of the accident. Given the fact that many of these cases require investigations between various parties, we encourage you to not delay in seeking legal help.