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San Antonio Work Zone Accident Lawyer

Several major road construction projects are underway in San Antonio, the biggest being the Loop 1604 expansion. While road work brings much-needed relief to congested roadways, drivers in busy work zones face an increased risk of accidents and injuries.

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If you were hurt in a work zone car accident in San Antonio, you need a strong legal advocate to recover compensation from every liable party. An experienced work zone accident lawyer at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers can help. Call The Law Giant at 210.921.2200.

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People are injured every year in Texas car accidents.
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of personal injury claimants with legal representation receive a settlement or award.

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What Causes San Antonio Work Zone Accidents?

The cause of your injuries can often indicate the liable party or parties in a work zone accident. Work zone accidents in San Antonio are frequently caused by:

Inadequate Signage

State and federal regulations dictate where signage and warnings should be placed around work zones. Signage and traffic cones should be posted around the work zone to notify drivers and direct them through detours. When construction crews fail to follow these rules and sufficiently mark the work area, they could be found negligent.

Failure to Secure the Work Zone

In addition to signage, work zones must be secured appropriately with barricades, safety equipment, and other precautions.

Poor Road Conditions

Construction can lead to dangerous road conditions for passing drivers, especially in high-traffic areas. Uneven pavement, narrow lanes, and slow-moving vehicles pose a threat to other drivers passing through work zones. Work zones should be set up to minimize congestion and keep road conditions favorable.

Work Area Debris

Debris and building materials can be left around work zones and potentially end up on roadways and cause accidents if left unsecured.

Careless Construction Workers

Even if you hit another civilian driver in a work zone, negligent construction employees could be liable. For example, if a construction vehicle suddenly pulled onto the road and caused another driver to hit you, that driver and the construction company could be held accountable.

Who Is Liable in Work Zone Accidents?

Your work zone accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine all the possible liable parties. Often, several parties can share liability for your injuries. These parties include:

Because so many parties are involved in construction parties, determining fault can be complicated.

Determining Fault in a San Antonio Work Zone Accident

Finding out who is responsible for your accident is crucial to the success of your claim. Texas follows the modified comparative negligence rule, also known as proportionate responsibility.

Under this rule, if you are partially to blame for your work zone accident injuries, you can still collect compensation from the other responsible parties. However, the damages awarded to you will be reduced proportionally to your share of the fault.

For example, suppose you were in an accident in a work zone that was poorly lit and marked insufficiently, but you were also speeding at the time of the collision. If you’re found 20% liable for the accident due to your speeding, your injury settlement would also be reduced by 20%.

The liable parties in your accident may try to pin more blame on you to reduce their payout. That’s why it’s essential for your attorney to ensure liability so your case is assessed fairly and accurately.

Possible Damages in a San Antonio Work Zone Accident Case

Anyone hurt in a San Antonio work zone accident due to someone else’s negligence is eligible to pursue financial compensation.

Economic and non-economic damages may be awarded for:

These are just some of the damages you could seek in your work zone accident case. Your work zone accident lawyer will help you calculate your claim’s full value and ensure all your losses are considered.

San Antonio Work Zone Crash Stats

States try to deter accidents by doubling fines for speeding and moving violations in work zones. However, accidents still happen, and they are often fatal.

Texas Department of Transportation officials in San Antonio reported a rise in deadly work zone crashes over the past year. Nearly 3,000 crashes in work zones were reported, resulting in 21 deaths and 56 serious injuries.

Hurt in a San Antonio Work Zone Accident? Call the Law Giant

When work zone accidents occur, negligent parties should be held accountable­. The question of who is at fault for your injuries can be complicated, but you don’t have to seek the answers alone. Get help from an aggressive San Antonio work zone accident lawyer at Begum Law Group Injury Lawyers.

Our firm offers no-cost, risk-free consultations to work zone accident victims in San Antonio and across Texas. Take advantage of this opportunity when you complete our online contact form or call the Law Giant today at 210.921.2200.