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What You Need to Know About Expert Witnesses

May 22, 2020
expert witness

During a car accident case, expert witnesses may be highly valuable. They can testify on your behalf and help prove what happened and why you’ve been injured. Insurance companies will insist in court that your injures are not as bad as you claim they are, that’s when expert witnesses come in. An expert witness can be key in your case, to help prove the total amount of your damages.

What is an Expert Witness?

Essentially, an expert witness must have the training, experience, and education that goes beyond what an average person would have. They may be hired to help a lawyer prove that you suffered an injury, a specific type of accident led to that injury, and your injuries have left you with economic and non-economic damages like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It’s important to understand, however, that an expert witness will serve as an objective third party. Therefore, they won’t focus on proving your case. Instead, they’ll provide you and your attorney with legal facts that may or may not support it.

A regular witness can be just about anyone who saw your car accident occur. Maybe they were a pedestrian walking down the street when your crash happened right before their eyes. Or, maybe they were in a passenger in a nearby car that saw it. They can provide factual testimony about the events that went on and contributed to your accident.

An expert witness differs from a regular witness because they have specialized knowledge and experience that a regular witness does not have. While they didn’t see the accident occur like the regular witness, they can use their expertise to prove or disprove facts related to it.

Types of Expert Witnesses

There are a variety of expert witnesses that a lawyer may consult to assist with your case. Some experts have a very niche area of expertise, while others are more common to see in the courtroom. An accident reconstruction specialist is one of them. They use physical and testimonial evidence to reconstruct the accident scene and figure out exactly what happened via advanced software programs. They can uncover vehicle speed, crash force, vehicle visibility, and other accident-related details. You can count on them to show the severity of your accident and connect it to your injuries. Medical professionals may be used as expert witnesses to help demonstrate the pain and suffering you have been going through. However, the expert witnesses used in your case will greatly vary depending on the severity and other circumstances.

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