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Texas’s New Approach to Drunk Driving

June 16, 2020
drunk driving

Every year, over 1,000 Texans lose their lives over alcohol-related crashes. To help reduce that number, TXDOT, along with other agencies, have worked together to think of new ways to discourage people from drinking and driving. While many of them have been successful in reducing the number of accidents, drunk driving continues to be a major issue in Texas. So, TxDOT decided to take a new approach to save more lives. Introducing, While in the past, the main force driving DUI prevention was raising awareness, this new approach allows those who plan on drink plan ahead. From the website, you can contact a Taxi or rideshare, get a friend to pick you up, or even plan a route through public transportation. The site offers some helpful statistics and facts on drunk driving, like that the average cost of a DUI is around $17,000 in total.

Drunk Driving

According to national statistics, over half of all drivers are likely to be involved in a drunk driving accident in their life. The lack of judgment and motor function while intoxicated greatly increases the chances you have of getting into an accident. While Texas has seen a slight decrease in drunk driving fatalities, it doesn’t make the act any less dangerous. Always remember to drive sober. Its always better to pay a cab than to end up in jail, or worse.

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