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Multi-Vehicle Crashes

June 18, 2020
multi-vehicle crash

One of the most confused and most hazardous accidents to be involved with is a chain-reaction car crash. This happens after the initial impact causes another accident. Chain response crashes commonly include at least three vehicles. These collisions happen during terrible weather conditions. When visibility is poor or times when the street is slippery, (ice, rain, and so forth.) These crashes become progressively hazardous as the weather becomes worse. In the event that you were associated with a chain-response impact, you may have been hit by a few vehicles, and the characteristically disorderly nature of these accidents makes them hard to determine who’s at fault

Who’s at Fault

With most accidents, the person who caused the impact is the one at fault. However, when more cars are introduced, the more complicated the case becomes. In chain-reaction crashes, more than one party might be held accountable. However, this depends greatly on the details of the collision(s). Hiring an experienced San Antonio accident attorney can help gather the needed information to determine who should is negligent. Once this is determined, the negligent party or parties will be responsible for the damages suffered. But what if you are partly responsible? In Texas, the state uses the legal concept of modified comparative fault. For personal injury claims, a person can still get compensation for an accident even if they are partially to blame for the crash. As long as you are found to be less than 51% responsible for the crash, you can receive some compensation for your damages.

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