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More Dangers Found In JUUL Pods

A new disturbing discover by a team of Harvard Scientists has prompted new scrutiny over the popular vaping trend. The team working out of the Chan School of Public Health have found two microbial toxins in Juul’s nicotine vaping pods. These substances are endotoxin and glucan which can be a serious health hazard to those who use the product.

Endotoxin is a substance that makes up the outside cell wall of some dangerous bacteria, such as E. coli. However, only low levels of endotoxin were found in Juul pods. In fact, the levels were found to be below the limit of detection according to the study that was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. While you might be relieved that the levels of endotoxin are low, you’ll be surprised to learn about the traces of glucan.

46% of the 54 pods they tested contained detectable traces of glucan. This substance makes up the walls of fungal cells and can cause serious health issues. This study is in a group of research that points to nicotine vape products contributing to lung disease. The defense that vape companies cry out that illegal THC is 100% responsible for lung disease seems to be wrong. Glucan can cause inflammation in the airways and leads to long term lung damage. This study looked at all of the Juul flavors. However, tobacco and menthol flavors had much more glucan than other pod flavors.

The Truth About Vaping

While it’s unlikely that these vapes were responsible for the over 50 deaths last year, it is important to point out that vaping is still dangerous. It is unclear if these products are “safer” than traditional combustible tobacco. Vaping companies have failed to provide any proof that these products are a safer alternative, despite advertising it as such. This is a dangerous trend that is leading many young people to take up a new habit. They are under the illusion that it is “risk-free” or “healthy.”

Vaping companies have been leading the charge in claiming these risks fake and manufactured by “Big Tobacco” and many others have manufactured false or misleading “research” to get others to feed into their claims. The truth is, the “Big Tobacco” companies that are trying to supposedly end vaping, actually own most of the vaping companies, if not, have a controlling investment in them. Altria Group (formerly Phillip Morris) owns 35% stake in Juul Labs. Vuze, which controls 10% of the vaping market was acquired by British American Tobacco back in 2017.

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