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GM Blames Victim for her Death, then Covers Up Real Cause

Ten years ago, Brooke Melton was killed in a car crash in Georgia while driving her Chevy Covalt after another car struck her head-on. The 29-year-old woman was killed instantly. The police report stated that Miss. Melton was “driving too fast for conditions.” The accident was blamed on driver error. However, this was far from the truth. This crash was caused by a defect that would have cost only 50 cents per car to fix for GM.

In fact, GM knew about this problem for years but failed to do anything about it. As it turns out, the crash was not caused due to driver error. After an in-depth investigation done by lawyers hired by the victim’s family, it was discovered the ignition was to blame. 3 seconds before the accident, the car’s SDM revealed the engine was turned off. The car went from running to being in accessory mode. With this sudden change, the car went from 57 miles per hour to 0. Miss. Melton lost control of her vehicle and veered into oncoming traffic. Bulletins issued by GM to their service centers in 2005 and 2006 showed that the manufacturer knew of the issue.

The Real Cause of the Crash

The problem was with the ignition. Everyone knows that to turn your key in your car, it requires some amount of pressure. Whether you realize it or not, this is a sort of safety feature. A decent amount of pressure to turn the key is required to ensure that you don’t accidentally turn the ignition. Unfortunately, Melton’s Chevy Cobalt lacked this feature. Tests shown that gently brushing your knee, or having too many objects on your key chain, could easily turn the car’s ignition. A solution to this problem was proposed back in 2004. This would have taken the company 20 weeks to fix, and 50 cents per car. GM rejected this solution, claiming it took to long and cost too much. They didn’t try to solve the issue until 2014 when they finally issued a recall. AS a result of their negligence, a young woman lost her life.

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