Holding Negligent Drivers And Trucking Companies Accountable In 18-Wheeler Accidents

Many 18-wheeler accidents are horrific incidents that often result in death and massive destruction. An additional sad fact about this is that the victim is often not at fault. Often, 18-wheeler accidents are caused by the negligence of the truck driver, and that driver is frequently unharmed.

If you are someone you love was harmed by an 18-wheeler on the roads of Texas, get help from a qualified attorney immediately. Even if the trucking company has offered you a settlement, do not accept it without first speaking with a lawyer. The truck company's interest is paying as little in damages as necessary. A San Antonio personal injury lawyer has your interests in mind.

We Have Extensive Truck Accident Experience

The lawyers of the Begum Law Group are experienced with 18-wheeler accidents and understand what is involved to fight your case. We will not only work with experts to investigate the incident, we will also connect you with expert medical professionals to assess the injuries. Our lawyers know what to expect from the other side, and we are prepared to fight for your full compensation.

Accidents with an 18-wheeler can cause injuries that are often quite severe. You will need enough compensation account for the long term care, lost wages or ability to earn wages, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering that you are experiencing. Our accident lawyers have the knowledge to obtain the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

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Truck accident cases must be dealt with immediately. In a short amount of time, evidence can easily be lost, and witnesses can forget. Before it is too late, contact us for a free case evaluation. Our Brownsville and San Antonio accident lawyers can be reached at (210) 819-5342.