You Have The Right To Challenge The Insurance Company If Your Claim Has been Denied

Are you a victim of wrongful denial of an insurance claim in the San Antonio area? Were you denied a life insurance, disability, accidental death and dismemberment or even a health insurance claim? Our San Antonio lawyers are experienced in wrongful denials and will work to win the settlement you are entitled to.

Insurance companies will come up with many reasons to deny your claims. It is how they stay in business. They may claim that you misrepresented information on your application. They may claim that you purposefully omitted information in a medical history, or they may even say that your loved one's cause of death is not covered under their policy.

The wrongful denial lawyers of The Begum Law Group will challenge the insurance companies' decisions to get you the insurance settlement you have paid for. We will work to prove that your insurance denial was unjustified even if it was denied because of common reasons such as them questioning the severity or nature of your disability.

Strong Legal Advocacy

As wrongful denial attorneys, The Begum Law Group is your legal advocate for fighting denials of the following types of insurance claims:

  • Disability insurance
  • Health insurance (minimum claim $25,000)
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Our experienced San Antonio and Brownsville lawyers can fight to dispute various insurance denial reasons so that you receive the coverage you are entitled to. We can show that you did not intentionally misrepresent your medical history, that the death of a loved one was an accident or that the treatment you needed was medically necessary. We are experts at deciphering confusing insurance policies so that your claim gets approved.

Our wrongful denial lawyers in the San Antonio and Brownsville areas are ready to review your case. Give us a call at 956-267-5580 for a free legal consultation today.